Watch This Youtube Video of a Robot Peeling a Fruit

Every now and then a specific thing in the tech area makes our eyes twinkle with excitement. Over the week end, this took place while watching an online video of a bot peeling a banana.

Well, there's a tonne of reasons this seemingly simply principle is definitely so freaking amazing.

The undertaking of peeling a banana without smashing it needs some pretty phenomenal manual dexterity. As Reuters brings up, this dual-armed machine is only successful 57 per cent of the time, nevertheless banana peeling points to a future where robots take on more subtle tasks than what they're currently utilized for. It's learning and, just like everything, the technology has the ability to simply improve.

In a vid uploaded by New Scientist, you can see the ridiculous precision the robot peels the banana with.

Specialists from the University of Tokyo have built a machine-learning unit that powers the robot. The video displays the robot's arms, each set up with two 'fingers', lightly rotate the banana and peel it back. It then manages the manual dexterity to move the banana so the remainder of the peel can be, well, peeled off.

To make this performance happen, the scientists manually controlled the robot for 811 minutes and also peeled numerous bananas, giving the bot the opportunity to learn the art of peeling for itself.

Gripping soft fruit is naturally a test for bots, which frequently are without the dexterity and nuanced touch to process items without adversely affecting them. The irregular form of fruit, as New Scientist explains, can also mess with the algorithms, or the bot's 'intellects'.

While still receiving more checking, the researchers believe this robotic training technique can train robots to undertake different straightforward human duties. They hope the better-trained bots can relieve Japan's labour shortage concerns, such as at food processing factories that are exceptionally dependent on human labour. The possibilities this opens for everything from medicine and also healthcare, helping a human with restricted mobility, through to performing fiddly tasks in a production line, from there are wonderful.

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