Urban Farming Household Instructed To Raze Their Veggie Patch

An urban farming household offering free fruit and vegetables to their neighborhood has been notified to uproot their veg plot. Redlands City Council is addressing a number of issues however, the Ashwell family strongly believe they are being unfairly treated.

Munch & Crunch Generation is a husband and wife organization seeking to promote home grow food growing. It does not matter if it is in the ground or hydroponically grown, backyard or patio if you want help and support building your veggie backyard garden connect with them. No need to try to disguise veggies from your fussy eater, get them engaged in the growing and also picking to encourage healthy eating and a love of gardening.

Their venture into sustainability commenced with the need to bring in better health to the family. Introducing vegs to the youngsters was a challenge as was juggling a relatively unwinnable work life balance. Horticultural Therapy has become a fundamental part of assisting the family bloom and revitalize to cope with fresh challenges as well as opportunities. With a science based technique, they pay attention to alternate ways to cultivate food in suburbia.


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