All-new Playground At Broadwater Parklands

The all new play ground at Broadwater Parklands has opened, and boy was it truly worth the wait! This will end up being new a popular park for lots of people on the whole Gold Coast.

Every single thing about this epitomises the perfect family day out at the Gold Coast! Spectacular views over the broadwater, a serene swimming space for the children, shady picnic areas and a legendary playground that has a few of the most awesome parts.

What can you anticipate from the new recreation space? Well, let's sum all of it up here:

- a stunning spiral tower over 4 levels with interactive play gear such as a glockenspiel, field glasses, telescopes, suspended nets, rope tunnels and a covered slide. The tower is one of the best I've viewed since it has varying sized nets and bridges so younger boys and girls can actually go up a fair way up (as well as back down) safely and comfortably, despite the fact that they can't quite get to to the very top. More info

- a water and sand play area with carved sandstone, bronze sea animals, mini weirs, water pumps, as well as water gates

- an elevated sand play table crafted as a 'fish and chip shop' that can accommodate wheelchairs

- play equipment including play panels, slides, swings, trampolines, diggers, stepping stones, beams, a carousel, climbing walls, and also climbing nets.