20 dogs in five minutes: Ekka Dagwood Dog eating comp record shattered

A new_brand new Ekka record has been established at the Ekka's Dagwood Dog eating competition by a body builder who put away 20 Dagwood dogs in five minutes, five minutes and fourty-six seconds to be exact. Australia's number one ranked competitive eater, Jwebby Can Eat, has made a new record, putting away 20 Dagwood Dogs in five minutes at the Ekka in Brisbane today.

It was man versus food when the competitors faced off in Ekka's Keppel Dagwood Dog Eating Competition. The competitors were truly hungry for a win, as they competed across two classes: Open Amateur and also Professional.

They also raced against the clock and also each other in the bid to be the first to eat 20 full size dagwood dogs in under 10 minutes.

This contest was sanctioned by Competitive Eating Australia.

Event Information and facts

Date: Sunday 14 August 2022

Time: 12pm - 2pm

Location: XXXX Stockmen's Bar & Grill



• 1st Prize - $500.

• 2nd Prize - $250.

• 3rd Prize - $150.

Open Amateur.

• 1st Prize - $150.

• 2nd Prize - $100.

• 3rd Prize - $50

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